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If we don't have it, ask for it...we can get it.




A. POD Light Basic            $  49.50

B.  Curt Digital                   $   95.50

C.  Tekonsha P2                 $ 170.00

D.   Tekonsha P3                $ 195.00

E.    Telkonsha RF              $  365.00 

(most applications with tow package wiring already installation runs between $ 50. $ 100.  -  -  vehicles with no tow package wiring installation runs between $ 80. and $ 200. depending on time )


We sell and install Hitches to fit most vehicles, Hitch Accessories, weight distributing hitches, Gooseneck hitches and Fifth Wheel hitches.

Trailer Balls, Ball mounts, Safety Chains, Locks & Couplers.

 Most Class III Receiver Hitches we sell for $ 175.  plus installation.  Installation varies from $ 40. up, depending on your particular vehicle and the difficulty of the install.    Hitch pricing does not include the "Ball Mount, the Ball, or the Pin that retains the Ball Mount in the Hitch" - Please call for pricing on those items. 

Since there is such a great variety of hitches and fitments, we may not always have the hitch in stock to fit your application.  However, in most cases we can get the hitch for you - -  most times within a day.

     Import        S5500 Superwinch


                                                                                  Elevated Winch Mount for enclosed trailers

Winch mount plate with Roller Fairlead mount

Winches by Champion,     Super Winch, Warn, and Import.

Motor Cycle Chocks




$ 60.00

Plus Installation


Tie Downs


Item a not available at this time.

E-Track 10' Piece               $35.00 10' stick, or $ 4.00 per foot



   a. 5000# Rectangle           $13.00

   b. 360 Rotating 6000#       $20.00

   c. 1200# Tie loops            $  4.00

   d. 1200# Plastic Base        $  8.00

   e. 5000# Recessed            $  9.00

         Under Floor Plates      $  5.00




Ratchet Tie Down 8' 10k rated

Axle Straps 48" Long 10k rated

Axle Straps 33" Long 10k rated

Axle Straps 21" Long 10k rated

Ratchet Strap

$ 31.00



$ 22.00 48"

$ 20.00 33"

$ 15.00 21"

Ratchet Tie Down with Axle Strap 8'

10k rated

Ratchet Axle Strap

$ 32.50


Motorcycle/ATM Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Ratchet Strap

$ 9.95

Loops (soft tie loop)

$ 4.95

A B  C.D


A. Basic Fixed Jack $ 35.00     B. Pipe Mount Flip Jack $ 65.00                               B. Clip Mount Flip Jack   $ 75.00 


C. Electric Jack Tongue Mount


     3500lb  12v Elec                                      $ 199.00

     3000lb Barker 12v Elec                            $ 325.00

     3500lb Barker 12v Elec                            $ 375.00

     4500lb Husky 12v Elec HD                     $ 425.00

     5000lb Husky 12v Elec SHD                    $ 499.00

     All above 12v Elec Jacks - price includes installation when powered by Tow            Vehicle  12v power. 

D. Hydraulic Electric 12v 8000lb Jack - The Big Foot $ 795.00      Plus Wiring and installation Cost.







A.  XC-100P          Xtreme Charger, the Ultimate battery charger, New "Pulse" technology charges your battery while cleaning the plates, giving it a more complete charge than other conventional chargers can give.


B. SP-2       Solar "Pulse" 2.  Gives Two watts of "Pulse" technology Solar charge to your battery.  Same great technology as the Xtreme Charger, but solar.


C. SP-5       Solar "Pulse" 4.  Gives Five watts of "Pulse" technology Solar charge to your battery. Same great technology as the Xtreme Charger, but solar.



D.  XC-BKT           Mounting bracket for the XC-100P Xtreme Charger.



A.  $  105.00




B.  $ 150.00




C.  225.00





D.  $ 36.95


Trailer Tongue Dollies, totally fabricated here, hvy wall tube construction, Pneumatic Tires.  Variety of colors available        $ 165.00 each  Quantities available at special pricing.






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