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Texas Trailer Man is a full service Dealership - - - -


We stock a large supply of Parts, we service and do repairs to all types of Bumper Pull and Gooseneck Trailers:


Couplers, Jacks, Safety Chains, Wheels, Tires, Lights, License Plate Mounts and Lights, Axles, Leaf Springs,

U-Bolts, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Seals, Electric Brakes, Brake Drums, Axle Hubs, Wheel Studs, Lug Nuts, Dust Caps,

Equalizers, Shackles, Bushings, Suspension Bolts, Fenders, Coupler Locks, Door Locks, Hitch Locks, Tie Downs,-

Ratchet Tie Down Straps, Axle Straps, E-Track and E-Track Hardware, Winches, Electric Tongue Jacks, Hydraulic Jacks,

12v Batteries, Battery Boxes, Wiring - - - -


Repacking of Bearings, Axle Replacement, Wiring and Lighting work


We also sell and install Towing Accessories for Pickups:


Under Frame Hitches on Pickups, SUV's and Passenger Cars, Gooseneck Hitches, 5th Wheel Hitches, Weight Distributing Systems, Air Lift Air Bag Systems, Firestone Air Bags,

Trailer Wiring on tow vehicles, Brake Controllers in Tow Vehicles, Tow Bars and Tow Bar Frame Mounts on Towed Vehicles


Texas Trailer Man is an official State of Texas Inspection Station for Trailers and Motorcycles

All inspections will be performed in the inspection area of our dealership at 2411 Thomas Road, Haltom City, Tx  between the hours of  8:30am  and  4:00pm Monday - thru Friday

All Inspections are on a first come first serve basis - which means you may have to wait in line, or come back at another time to get your trailer inspected

Effective September 1, 2017

Any trailer with a Total Capacity of 7500 pounds or less - is  no longer required to have an annual safety inspection.

A good rull of thumb to determine if your trailer needs to have an inspection is to look at your last registration receipt.  It will tell you on the registration receipt three things - EMPTY WT.  -  CARRYING CAPACITY -  and GROSS WEIGHT.    Gross weight is the weight of the trailer plus what you can carry on, or in, that trailer. "Total Capacity" -  So, if your registration slip reads 7500 pounds or greater, you must have an annual Safety Inspection.  And the inspection must be accomplished prior to registration, but not more than 90 days prior to.


What is required to be checked during Safety Inspection.  1.  Proof of Financial Responsibility  - - Insurance on your Tow Vehicle.

                                                                            2.  Vehicle Identification Number  "VIN"  must be present and readable - or Title in your name presented for verification

                                                                            3.  Brakes (system) Either Electric or Hydraulic - All brakes must activate - a Brake Test is Required

                                                                            4.  Break-a-way Battery and switch with Cable - must activate Electric Brakes independent of tow vehicle.

                                                                            5.  Tires - no less than 3/32" tread depty showing in three places across the tires tread area.

                                                                            6.  Wheel Assembly - can have no cracks, breaks, or worn lug holes.

                                                                            7.  Safety Guards/Mud Flaps - required if trailer has four or more tires on rear axle.

                                                                            8.  Tail Lamps (two)

                                                                            9.  Stop/Turn Lamps (two)

                                                                          10.  License Plate Lamp required - License Plate must be correct for trailer being inspected,  and must be visable

                                                                          11.  Rear Red Reflectors (two)

                                                                          12.  Side Marker Reflectors (two amber in front) (two red in rear)

                                                                          13.  Side Marker Lamps (two amber in front) (two red in rear)

                                                                          14.  Red Marker Lamps on rear of trailer -  required on trailers 80 inches wide or wider

                                                                          15.  Red/White Conspicuity Tape required on trailers over 10,000 pounds gross weight

                                                                          16,  Safety Chains with hooks are required, chains are to be crossed to form a cradle in case trailer breaks away

                                                                          17.  Electrical wiring to have no shorts or breaks in plug or recepts.

EFFECTIVE  November 1st, 2018   Inspection Fees:

TEXAS SAFETY INSPECTION                               $ 40.00          Collected by Inspection Station    Additionally  $ 7.50  Collected by State of Texas upon registration 

TEXAS COMMERCIAL INSPECTION                   $ 40.00           Collected by Inspection Station   $ 22.00 Collected by State of Texas upon registration

On New trailers sold by Texas Trailer Man - all inspections fees will be collected and paid to State when trailer is registered. Even Trailers that don't require safety inspection when new will be charged the $ 7.50 which is paid to State of Texas.

Texas Trailer Man - at additional cost,  - can provide the parts and labor to accomplish necessary trouble shooting, adjustments, or installation of parts to enable you trailer to pass inspection.  We maintain a good inventory of parts - Our labor rate is very fair.


Here is the actual notice from State of Texas Regarding this change in Inspections :

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017  in order to comply with Senate Bill 1001 and Texas Transportation Code Section 548.052, the safety inspection requirements for trailers have been revised.

Trailers, semitrailers, pole trailers or mobile homes having an actual gross weight or registered gross weight of  7500 lbs or less - are exempt from inspection.

All other vehicles are unaffected by this change.




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