NEW  Maxey "Gold series"  "DROP n LOAD"  Steel Diamond Plate Bed open Car Hauler Trailer

This is the Ultimate Car Hauler trailer for those that have low to the ground vehicles - such as Corvettes, Vipers, Trans Am, Camaro, Mustang, Audi.  Whether you race your car or drive it on the street - if you need to trailer it, this is the easiest and safest loading trailer available anywhere today.  Bring your car by and let us demonstrate one for you.  This is an extremely popular trailer and right now build time is  6 - 8 weeks - effective  April 30th 2015.

Standard Features of our Steel Bed Car Haulers include:  Effective with builds after April 21, 2017

Prices as equipped:    Prices effective    April 21, 2017


                                                                                                 Bumper Pull  7000lb gvwr With two 3500lb Axles 16" on center Cross Members.

    A5J 80"   x 20'    $  8626.00  with standard equipment      7000# GVWR   8 Ply Tires, 5" Channel Tongue & frame  -

                                                                                                          80" Bed Width - 2) VlAir 480 CompressorS, 1) 9 gallon air tank.



                                                                                                 Bumper Pull 10000lb gvwr With two 5200lb Axles 16" on center Cross Members.

    A6J 80" x 20'     $  9306.00  with standard equipment      10,000# GVWR  8 Ply Tires,  6" Channel Tongue & frame -

    A6J 80" x 24'     $  9380.00  with standard equipment      80" Bed Width  - 2) VlAir 480 Compressors, 1) 9 gallon air tank.



                                                                                                Bumper Pull 14000 gvwr with two 7000lb Axles 16" on center Cross Members

    A8J 80" x 22'      $ 12573.00  with standard equipment      14,000# GVWR  10 Ply Tires,  8" Channel frame -

    A8J 80" x 26'      $ 12848.00  with standard equipment       80" Bed Width  - 2) VlAir 480 Compressors, 1) 9 gallon air tank.

     A8J 80"x 32'      $ 13773.00 with standard equipment

    A8J 80" x 36'      $ 14312.00 with standard equipment



                                                                                                Bumper Pull 16000 gvwr with two 8000lb Axles,  12" on center Cross Members.

    79" x 22'             $ 14940.00  with standard equipment      16,000# GVWR  H rage Tires, 8" Channel Tongue & frame - 2) 10k Drop Leg Jacks

    79" x 26'             $ 15215.00  with standard equipment      79" Bed Width  - 2) VlAir 480 Compressors, 1) 9 gallon air tank

     79" x 32'             $ 16140.00  with standard equipment

     79" x 36'             $ 16679.00  with standard equipment




Effective with Trailers built after April 21, 2017 All Maxey Trailers are POWDER COATED, WET BLACK and MAXXD GRAY METALLIC are standard colors. All other Colors are optional at extra charge.  See options below for Colors and pricing.

COLOR OPTIONS:                    with 3.5k and 5.2k Axles      With 7k and 8k Axles


Wet Black                            $  No Charge                        No Charge

Maxxd Gray Metallic               $  No Charge                        No Charge

Trinity White                        $  133.00                            $ 267.00

Indigo Blue Metallic               $  200.00                             $ 400.00

Signal Blue                          $  133.00                             $ 267.00

Ruby Red Metallic                 $  200.00                             $ 400.00

Flame Red                           $  133.00                             $ 267.00

Bittersweet Orange               $  133.00                             $ 267.00

Equipment Yellow                 $  133.00                              $ 267.00

Amazon Green Metallic          $  200.00                              $ 400.00

Enviro Green                       $  133.00                              $ 267.00

Western Beige Metallic          $  200.00                             $ 400.00



If you are a Texas resident (and NOT a dealer), by law, a dealer must collect 6.25% vehicle sales tax, a Texas Title fee, Road & Bridge fees and License Tag fees.  This will be added to the selling price of the trailer.  Out of state buyers are responsible for paying the appropriate and necessary sales taxes and fees in accordance with their state requirements.


Please note that most of the time this trailer is going to be complete already. Therefore there are limited options that can be added after it is built.  Below is a list of the most popular options that can be added on after the trailer is complete and ready to ship. The below prices are for installation by the factory. 

Trailers shown in pictures below may have optional items installed on them.  Please check above for Standard Features - Optional items are priced above as well.






Trailer shown below is a 24' Drop n Load, has 5200lb Axles, Has these options - Solar Battery Charger Mounted

on top of Tongue Box, 4 each additional rotating D-rings in Floor.
































The trailer shown below is a 24' Drop n Load, with 5200lb axles, has LED Lights, Options include Racer Box with Optional Aluminum Doors, 4 each additional D-rings in Floor,  Solar Battery Charger panel on top of tool box,






The trailer shown below is a 24' Drop n Load,   Has these Options - Painted to match Steel Air Dam/Rock Shield,  ATP Rock Guards on fronts of both Fenders,  Spare Tire, 4 each additional D-rings in floor, Solar Battery Charger panel on top of tool box, Winch Mount.






The trailer shown below here is a 24' Drop n Load, with 5200lb axles,  Has these Options - - Steel Racer Box 42"x35"x83" on front of bed, 4 each additional D-rings in floor, Solar Battery Charger panel on top of tool box, Spare Tire/Wheel, Optional WHITE color.