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New   102 Ironworks CHALLENGER - - the "Ultimate" Diamond plate steel bed open car hauler trailer.

     83in wide bed by 20ft long (includes 4ft dove tail) Plus 35in front to back x 42in tall x 82in Racer Box.

     Standard features on our trailer include:

BASE PRICE - - with all standard features.  Price includes LED Light package FREE

                PRICES   effective  January 20, 2017

                  3500lb Axles                    5200lb Axles                   7000lb Axles       7000lb Axles not available on Eliminator  trailers.

20ft               $ 5350.                            $ 6055.                            $ 6650.       

22ft              Not available                   $ 6260.                            $ 6855.

Over     22ft   and longer call for pricing

f.o.b. Fort Worth, Texas.

Some of our advertised pricing may reflect items included on a trailer that are actually options.  The base prices shown here are for our basic trailer before any options are added.  Please ad any options to the base price to get total price of trailer.  If you are a Texas resident, a dealer must collect 6.25% vehicle sales tax, a Texas Title fee, Road & Bridge fees and License Tag fees.  This will all be added to the selling price of the trailer.  Out of state buyers are responsible for paying the appropriate and necessary sales taxes and fees in accordance with their state requirements.

Options - - just add these to base price of trailer above:

2-5/16" Coupler                                           40.    In liew of 2" coupler

2-5/16" Fulton Adjustable Coupler                   40.    In Liew of standard coupler                               

7000lb Drop Leg Jack                                   75.

12" on center cross members                       150.


Electric Brakes 2nd 3.5k Axle                       106.                Hydraulic Surge Brakes 3.k Axle            $ 650. one brake

Electric Brakes 2nd 5.2k Axle                       150.

Electric Brakes 2nd 7.k Axle                         180.


Removable Fender(s)                                 100.    per fender

"ATP" on rear of Fenders                              50.

"ATP" on Top of Fenders                              80.


SPLIT TAIL REAR - open center in rear          233.

"ATP" Lined inside of SPLIT TAIL                  135.

"ATP" on top of ramps                                233.

Steel Tread Plate on top of ramps                200.    at time of build


"ATP" on top of Tongue                              135.

"ATP" Trim around edges of Racer Box           100.

"ATP" on Front of Racer Box                        450.    At time trailer is built

"ATP" Box mounted on Tongue                     325.


In Floor Storage Box 32x32"                        366.    with steel painted lid

In Floor Storage Box 32x32"                        466.    with "ATP" lid


Stake Pockets                                           12.      each 

Additional Rotating D-rings                           33.     each


LED Loading Lights in Floor                           45.    per light installed at time trailer is built (includes switch)                  


Winch Mounting plate or receiver tube           66.    Installed when trailer built and mounted on bed or Bump Rail

Winch mounting - raised inside racer box      100.    Fabricated and mounted inside racer box at dealership - includes hole in racer box for winch cable to exit

Spare Tire Mount on side or front                  66.    Installed when trailer built


Spare Tire ST205/75R15 6 ply                     100.

Spare Tire ST225/75R15R15 8 Ply                120.

Spare Tire ST235/80R16 10 Ply                   150.



Chrome Wheels                                        300.   5 Lug or 6 Lug wheels - these prices include Caps, Lug Nuts & Valve stems

Chrome Wheels                                        350.   8 lug wheels


Aluminum Wheels                                     550.   5 lug or 6 Lug wheels

Aluminum Wheels                                     625.   8 lug wheels


Racer Box Trailer shown with standard painted doors on box, optional "LED" light package. otherwise this is our standard Racer Box trailer. Color BLACK

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Racer Box Trailer shown with optional Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP) doors & optional flip jack.

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Racer Box Trailer showing optional Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP) Doors, optional flip jack, Color Vermillion Red

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Racer Box trailer with optional Aluminum Tread Plate doors, optional "LED" light package, optional Split Tail, and optional in bed 12 Volt loading lights.  Color is Black.

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Racer Box Trailer with 22ft bed, Hvy Package #1 with 5200lb Axles, 7k Drop Leg Jack,

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Color chart for Challenger trailers, acrylic enamel paint.

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