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"E" Series enclosed car haulers  

Standard equipped:


The Below listed trailers are Car Hauler Models - they include 48" Curbside Door, 6" Additional Height

Upgrade 16" On centers cross members, Upgrade to 24" ATP Stone Guard,

Upgrade to 4) LED Dome Lights with 2) Walls Switches, Upgrade to Radial Tires

4) Each 5000lb Recessed D-Rings in Floor, Ramp Door w/Spring Assist


Our prices effective  January 22, 2018

"E" Series  Enclosed Car Trailer

3500lb Axles Tandem      5200lb Axles Tandem                                               

Leaf Spring                         Leaf Spring                                                                                                            

8'6X18'*       $  6630.00                            $  7335.00              

8'6X20'*       $  6850.00                            $  7565.00                  

8'6X22'*       $  7080.00                            $  7790.00                  


8'6x24'*       $  7310.00                            $  8020.00                    


8'6X26'          N/A                                      $  8245.00


8'6X28'          N/A                                      $  8485.00




    ** Popular Options on "E" Series Trailers**

                 Select an option below and add to trailer price for total pricing--


54" Tongue in liew of standard                                                          100.00                

60" Tongue in lieu of standard                                                          100.00

RV Key Lock "Flushlock" on side door in addition to cam bar                    60.00   

54" Driver escape door with cam bar lock                                            300.00 

Additonal 5000lb recessed D-rings in floor                                            15.00 each 

Additional 12 volt dome lights                                                            20.00 each  

12 Volt Wall switch                                                                           20.00 each

Non-powered Roof Vent                                                                     50.00 each

Brace & Prewire Roof vent for future roof mount A/C                              85.00 each

Drop down stabilizer jacks                                                                 75.00 pair 

Corner post drop down stabilizers                                                      100.00 pair

Spare ST205/75R15 LRC radial tires                                                    125.00 each 

Spare ST225/75R15 LRD radial tires                                                    145.00 each

Aluminum Wheels 15" 5lug 15" 6lug                                                    550.00 for set of four inlcuded lug nuts and center cap

Aluminum Wheels 16" 8 Lug                                                               650.00 for set of four includes lug nuts and center caps


** Other Options available on "E" Series Trailers**


Interior options:

Beadboard Insulated Luan Ceiling                                                      25.00 L/F

Beadboard Insulated White Vinyl Ceiling                                            29.00 L/F

White Aluminum Ceiling Liner                                                           27.00 L/F

Insulated White Aluminum Ceiling Liiner                                            40.00 L/F

White Vinyl Wall Liner                                                                     19.00 L/F

Beadboard Insulated White Vinyl Wall Liner                                        38.00 L/F

Beadboard Insulated White Aluminum Wall Liner                                 48.00 L/F

Epoxy Painted Floor, Ramp Door and Flap                                           12.00 L/F 

Black & White Checker Vinyl Floor Liner                                              27.00 L/F

Black Rubber Coin Floor Liner                                                            36.00 L/F

Aluminum Tread Plate on Floor                                                          30.00 L/F

Wall Mount D-rings (1200lb rated)                                                     10.00 each

E-Track welded in floor - Welded to Frame with Backer                         12.00 Per L/F per row

E-Track welded in wall - Welded to wall studs                                     10.00 Per L/F per row

36" Ramp Door Extension with tall Rubber Bumpers                            125.00

Wall Mount Spare Tire holder                                                            75.00 


Exterior options:


Additional height    6"                                                                     12.00 L/F

Additional height   12"                                                                    20.00 L/F

Additional height   18"                                                                    28.00 L/F 

54" Driver Escape Door with Cam Bar Latch                                      200.00

RV Style Keyed Flushlock in addition to Cam Bar Latch                        60.00 each

Tongue Mount Spare Tire Holder                                                       75.00

Additonal 12v LED Tail Lights                                                           40.00 pair

12v LED Back Up Lights                                                                   80.00 pair


Electrical options:


Racer Electrical Package - includes 5each 4' Flourescent Lights            750.00

 2each 500 Watt recessed exterior Quartz Lights, 2each wall switches,

2each interior recepts, 1each exterior GFI recept,60 amp Breaker

Panel with Lifeline

Additional 110v interior Recepts                                                       50.00 each

Additional 110v interior Lights Switches                                            50.00 each

Additional 110v exterior Recepts (GFI)                                              60.00 each

Additional 110v 4' Flourescents Lights                                             110.00 each

Upgrade to 110v 4' LED Lights in liew of flourescent                           80.00 each 



               Nationwide delivery available at additional charge.

       Many other options available  (call for prices) 

Some of our advertised pricing may reflect items included on a trailer that are actually options.  The base prices shown here are for our basic trailer before any options are added.  Please ad any option to the base price to get total price of trailer.  If you are a Texas resident (and NOT a dealer), by law, a dealer must collect 6.25% vehicle sales tax, a Texas Title fee, Road & Bridge fees and License Tag fees.  This will be added to the selling price of the trailer.  Out of state buyers are responsible for paying the appropriate and necessary sales taxes and fees in accordance with their state requirements.









As an Option, we can paint the Floor with Epoxy Paint, in several different colors                                              As an Option, this trailer is available "BLACK OUT" - all Black, including Aluminum wheels