102 IronWorks Custom Series THE ELIMINATOR Tilt-Bed Steel Floor Car Hauler with Large Racer Box

All Tubing Construction:  (Approximately 250lbs. lighter than channel construction)

Standard Equipment Configuration 

Overall Length from coupler to rear of trailer is  28ft

 Length of Bed  20ft  (this is the only length we offer this trailer)

83 in Between Fenders

ACTUAL BED WIDTH  78.5 inches  with 3500lb axles. 

ACTUAL BED WIDTH  75.5 inches   with 5200lb axles.         Trailer not available with 7000lb axles

20ft bed length,  Full Bed tilts

Manual Tilt with Hydraulic Dampner.

Front Bumprail on main frame and tool box (does not tilt with bed)

Racer Box std with painted steel doors, is 42in tall x 82-1/2in wide x 35in front to back. Doors open on each side.

5in Tubular Tongue & Frame       3in Tubular Crossmembers 16in o.c.   

Steel Tread Plate Floor                        

2in 7000lb Bulldog Cast Coupler        Drop Leg Jack             Safety Chains with Locking Hook                                      

Four 6000lb rated. 360 degree, rotating D-rings in floor

Primed & Painted Top & Bottom

Teardrop Fenders lined with chrome trim         9in Fender height     Built-in Fender Clearance Lights    Aluminum Rock Guard on Fenders

Aluminum Step Plates Front & rear of fenders.

3500lb Axles, electric brakes on one.

Breakaway Battery Box & Switch

LED Tail lights are now standard on this trailer      

ST205/75D15 6 Ply Rated Bias Ply Tires on 15in Mod wheels

                   3500lb axles                  5200lb axles   

$ 6325.                 $ 6895.      

Prices effective      September 1, 2015

Picked up in Fort Worth, Texas

Order yours today, available in nine poplular colors

Trailer pictured above has two options - - the ATP Trim on racer box $ 85.00

OPTIONS available when constructing trailer

** For White, Red Fire Pearl or Yellow Paint on this trailer add  $ 65.00 to price 

2-5/16" Coupler                                            40.    In liew of 2" coupler

2-5/16" Fulton Adjustable Coupler                40.    In Liew of standard coupler                               

7000lb Drop Leg Jack                                   75.

12" on center cross members                       150.


Electric Brakes 2nd 3.5k Axle                       106.                Hydraulic Surge Brakes 3.k Axle            $ 650. one brake

Electric Brakes 2nd 5.2k Axle                       150.


Removable Fender(s)                                  133.    per fender

"ATP" on rear of Fenders                              50.

"ATP" on Top of Fenders                              80.



"ATP" on top of ramps                                200.

"ATP" Trim around edges of Racer Box       100.

"ATP" on Front of Racer Box                      450.    At time trailer is built


"ATP" Box mounted on Tongue                   325.


Rock Shield on front of bed (42")                366.    painted to match at time trailer is built

Rock Shield "ATP" 30" front of bed             500.

Rock Shield "ATP" 42" front of bed             533.


Additional Rotating D-rings                            33.     each


LED Loading Lights in Floor                          45.    per light installed at time trailer is built (includes switch)                  


Winch Mounting plate under floor                  66.    Installed when trailer built

Spare Tire Mount on side or front                  66.    Installed when trailer built


Spare Tire ST205/75R15 6 ply                    135.

Spare Tire ST225/75R15R15 8 Ply             165.


Chrome Wheels                                       300.   5 Lug or 6 Lug wheels - these prices include Caps, Lug Nuts & Valve stems

Chrome Wheels                                       350.   8 lug wheels


Aluminum Wheels                                    550.   5 lug or 6 Lug wheels

Aluminum Wheels                                    625.   8 lug wheels