Pictured here is a CHARIOT Custom Series 18'  with all the basic standard equipment, Including LED Lights, 7k Drop Leg Jack, 2" Bulldog Coupler, Safety chains, Angled front bump rail, ATP Fender Guards on front and rear of fenders, Running Boards with "ATP" on top forward and aft of fenders, Four Rotating D-rings in floor. 4' Beaver Tail rear with 22" wide x 72" long Tube Steel Ramps that pull out through flip up doors on the rear bumper.  Axles are 3.5k with Electric Brakes on rear axle.
Pictured here is a CHARIOT Custom Series 20' loaded with options, such as 7k Drop Leg Jack, Removable Fender on Drivers Side, Recessed in Floor Storage Box with locking lid, Split Tail rear, 42" Steel painted Rock Shield on front of bed, Second axle Electric Brakes, Custom Aluminum Wheels on Radial Tires.     

NEW "CHARIOT" custom series car hauler trailer. 

Standard features on the Chariot includes:   "Chariot custom Series"  Is now POWDER COATED"     Black and Maxxd Gray (Charcoal) are included in prices below - Other colors are optional and extra cost - see bottom of options for this cost.


60" Tongue with support,    2" Ram/Bulldog style Coupler,  Pipe mount Flip Down Jack,     Welded on Safety Chains, Front Sq Tube Bump Rail with Cut Corners,    Tongue Wraps to front of fenders,

Steps forward and aft of Fenders covered with Aluminum Tread Plate "ATP",     5" Tube Steel Tongue and main frame,  3" Cross Members on 16" centers,      1/8" Steel Tread Plate Bed with 4' Beavertail, "ATP" angle trim on edges of bed.

Four each Rotating D-rings in floor,     Tear Drop Fenders with "ATP" Rock Shields on front,    Ramps are tube steel 70" long x 22" wide with built in stops - (don't need to be removed) Lift up Doors cover ramp area - once ramps are pulled out, just drop doors down on top of ramps and drive over doors.  One 3.5k Dexter Idler Axle, One 3.5k Dexter Electric Brake Axle, Breakaway Kit,   ST205/75R15 6 Ply Radial Tires on 5 Lug 5"b.c. Silver Mod Steel Wheels.  Full Flush Mount  LED Lighting. 7 Way RV Style Plug


Trailers in pictures may have options installed - which are at extra cost !!


"CHARIOT"      Pricing  effective April 21, 2017


Tube Frame 3500lb Axles           Tube Frame 5200lb Axles             Tube Frame 5200lb Axles            Tube Frame 7000lb Axles


18'      $ 3767.                   $ 4350.                     $ 5066.                         $ 5273.

20'      $ 3900.                   $ 4450.                     $ 5199.                         $ 5407.  

22'      $ 3999.                   Not avail                   $ 5406.                         $ 5613.

24'      $ 4132.                   Not avail                   $ 5540.                         $ 5747.


Popular options available on  "CHARIOT" Custom Series trailers:



2-5/16" Ram/Bulldog Coupler                            40.    In liew of 2" coupler

2-5/16" A-frame Ram/Fulton Coupler                 60.

2-5/16" Adjustable Ram/Fulton Coupler              40.                                   

7000lb Drop Leg Jack                                     75.

10k Drop Leg Jack                                         60.

Steel Tool Box made inside Tongue                 200.    at time of trailer build

12" on center cross members                         160.

Add 8 Stake Pockets                                    100.

Add  8 Stake Pockets with RubRail                  133.

Split Tail Rear (Open center of dove tail)          233.

ATP on Top of Tube Ramps                            233.


Electric Brakes 2nd 3.5k Axle                          107.

Hydraulic Surge Brakes 3.k Axles                     633.

Electric Brakes 2nd 5.2k Axle                          134.

Hyrualic Surge Brakes 5.2k Axles                    1166.


Upgrade to Slipper Spring Suspension                 60.

4" Drop Axles                                               200.    Regular Springs or Slipper Springs

Torsion axle uprade in liew of Springs               600.    Straight or 22.5 degree up or down turn.


Removable Fender                                        133.    Per Fender

Double Broke Diamond Plate Fenders                  27.

Diamond Plate Tear Drop Fenders                      40.

Bolt on Smooth Steel Teardrop Fenders            133.

Bolt on Aluminum Teardrop fenders                  200.

"ATP" on Top of Smooth Steel Fenders              80.


Flushmount LED Lighting/ sealed Harnes           100.   Cold Weather package

CLEAR Flushmount LED Lighting                        34.   Sealed Harness

CLEAR Flushmoount LED Lighting                     134.   Sealed Harness and Cold Weather package


Additional D-rings:                                             Trailer comes standard with 4 D-rings.

Flush Mount Swivel D-rings in floor  2 each        66.    additonal  at time of trailer build

                                                 4 each      133.    additional  at time of trailer build

                                                6 each       200.    additional  at time of trailer build


ST205/75R15C Radial Tire on Silver Mod          120.

ST205/75R15C Radial Tire on Black Mod          153.

ST225/75R15D Radial Tire on Silver Mod          140.

ST225/75R15D Radial Tire on Black Mod          173.

ST235/80R16E Radial Tire on Silver Mod          175.

ST235/80R16E Radial Tire on Black Mod          208.



Chrome Wheels                                          300.   5 Lug or 6 Lug wheels - these prices include Caps, Lug Nuts & Valve stems

Chrome Wheels                                          325.   8 lug wheels


Aluminum Wheels                                       550.   5 lug or 6 Lug wheels

Aluminum Wheels                                       625.   8 lug wheels


Rock Shield Smooth Steel  (30")                   333.

Rock Shield Smooth Steel  (42")                   400.    painted to match at time trailer is built

Rock Shield "ATP" 30" front of bed                467.    Aluminum Tread Plate

Rock Shield "ATP" 42" front of bed                533.


Racer Box on Front of Bed, Steel doors        1200.    Racer Box is 83" wide x 42" tall x 35" front to back,  Installed and painted at time trailer is built -

Racer Box with ATP Doors ilo Steel doors      1333.

Racer Box with ATP Doors and Corner Trim    1400.

Racer Box with ATP Doors and ATP Front      1533.    At time trailer is built


Formed Steel Tool Box mounted in Tongue      200.

"ATP" Box mounted on Tongue                      350.


In Floor Storage Box 32x32"                         400.    with steel painted lid

In Floor Storage Box 32x32"                         467.    with "ATP" lid


Two rails "E" Track welded on floor                266.


LED Loading Lights in Floor                            45.    per light installed at time trailer is built (includes switch)


2-Watt Solar Panel                                    200.

5-Watt Solar Panel                                    300.                  


Winch Mounting plate or receiver tube            67.    Installed when trailer built


Spare Tire Mount on side or front                 INCL    Installed when trailer built


Effective with Trailers built after April 21, 2017 All Trailers are POWDER COATED, BLACK is standard color. All other Colors are optional at extra charge.  See options below for Colors and pricing.



If you are a Texas resident (and NOT a dealer), by law, a dealer must collect 6.25% vehicle sales tax, a Texas Title fee, Road & Bridge fees and License Tag fees.  This will be added to the selling price of the trailer.  Out of state buyers are responsible for paying the app 















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